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Fuel Tax SystemFuel Tax System


Discover Fuel Tax System Efficiency

Fuel Tax System offers you numerous benefits including simplified data entry. With the importation feature, you can import your GPS data and your electronic toll and fuel bills. You no longer have to enter them manually. However you can still do this manually, but importing your data will save you numerous hours of work and errors.

Did you know that our IFTA software is authorized by Revenu Québec? We are, indeed, one of the few companies to offer a solution authorized by Revenu Québec for the production of fuel tax reports.

Fuel Tax System software advantages

The Advantages That Distinguish Us

Developed by a team of specialists in the truck transport industry, Fuel Tax System complies with various government standards and complies with all IFTA rules. We are proud to offer you a simple, proven and innovative solution.

WEB application

Fuel Tax System - Web Application

From your home, office and even from your truck, you always have access to Fuel Tax System. A stable internet connection is the only thing you need.

Easy to use

Fuel Tax System - Easy to use

A simple menu, powerful features, everything has been designed to facilitate the management of your data and the production of your various reports.

Technical support

Fuel Tax System - Soutien Technique

A question? A problem?
It’s a team of specialists that answers your call. No voice mail, you speak directly to one of our agents.

Concentrate your efforts on what matters most, ask for your free evaluation!


Fuel Tax System Communicates With Your ELDs

Fuel Tax System - ELD interface

Always at the forefront of new technologies

With the arrival of ELDs and the new regulation for hours of service, we have adapted our solution to make your work even easier. Every evening, Fuel Tax System communicates with the ELDs installed in your trucks and retrieves the odometer data. This feature allows you to check and validate the movements and distances traveled by your drivers, with just a few clicks.

Did you know that the Fuel Tax System software interfaces with the ELDs found in your trucks? We seamlessly communicate with the ELDs of several companies such as ISAAC, Attrix, Geotab, Fleet Complete and Omnitracs whose mileage data we import.

You no longer have to enter them manually. Everything is automatic and so much faster!

Our IFTA reporting software is easy to use and powerful.

Take a look… Check out our demo!


Protection of personal information

To consult our policy on the protection of personal information, visit:

If you have any questions or concerns, wish to exercise your rights, or want to submit a complaint, please contact us using the information below, and we will do our best to assist you.

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