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High performance software for IFTA reporting

Tired of all this paperwork?

Fuel Tax System offers various services that greatly facilitate the preparation and production of your IFTA reports.

In addition to producing your IFTA reports, Fuel Tax System allows you to obtain distance reports for

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Turnkey IFTA reporting

Proud partner of Fuel Tax System, Services P.L. prepares, verifies and produces your IFTA and distances reports with care and professionalism.

No more worries, Services P.L. takes care of everything and provides you with your quarterly,accurate and precise reports.

Software to make life easier

You prefer to produce your IFTA reports yourself? Fuel Tax System software is your ideal tool.

From fuel purchases to mileage travelled and toll booths, Fuel Tax System software records all the essential information for the production of your IFTA reports.

At the end of each quarter, you simply prepare and verify your IFTA and distance reports, and transfer them to your base jurisdiction office.

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Curious to see how Fuel Tax System can help your company?

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Fuel Tax System for all

Simple and efficient, Fuel Tax System automatically updates IFTA quarterly rates and offers many reports to help you manage your transport fleet.

Fuel Tax System is available in two versions: desktop installed on your computer or Web based application. Both versions are similar and offer the same functionality.

The advantage of the Web application is its ease of access. Whether you're at home, in the office or on the road, you'll always have access to your data and reports.

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